C++ Algorithms

Backtracking, Graph Coloring

Backtracking, knight-tour

Backtracking, N Queens

Backtracking, Rat_maze

Backtracking, sudoku_solve

Computer Oriented Statistical Methods, Bisection_method

Computer Oriented Statistical Methods, false-position

Computer Oriented Statistical Methods, Gaussian_elimination

Computer Oriented Statistical Methods, Newton_Raphson

Computer Oriented Statistical Methods, Secant_method

Computer Oriented Statistical Methods, successive_approximation

Data Structure, AVLtree

Data Structure, Binary Search Tree

Data Structure, Binaryheap

Data Structure, circular_Queue_using_Linked_List

Data Structure, Doubly Linked List

Data Structure, Linked List

Data Structure, linkedList_implentation_usingArray

Data Structure, List Array

Data Structure, MorrisInorder

Data Structure, Queue Using Array

Data Structure, Queue Using Linked List

Data Structure, Stack Using Array

Data Structure, Stack Using Linked List

Data Structure, Tree

Data Structure, TrieTree

Dynamic Programming, 0-1 Knapsack

Dynamic Programming, Armstrong Number

Dynamic Programming, Bellman-Ford

Dynamic Programming, Catalan-Numbers

Dynamic Programming, Coin-Change

Dynamic Programming, Cut Rod

Dynamic Programming, Edit Distance

Dynamic Programming, Egg-Dropping-Puzzle

Dynamic Programming, Fibonacci_Bottom_Up

Dynamic Programming, Fibonacci_Top_Down

Dynamic Programming, Floyd-Warshall

Dynamic Programming, Longest Common Subsequence

Dynamic Programming, Longest Increasing Subsequence (nlogn)

Dynamic Programming, Longest Increasing Subsequence

Dynamic Programming, longest_common_string

Dynamic Programming, Matrix-Chain-Multiplication

Graph, BFS

Graph, DFS

Graph, Dijkstra

Graph, kosaraju

Graph, Kruskal

Graph, lca

Graph, Topological-Sort

Greedy Algorithms, Dijkstra

Greedy Algorithms, huffman

Greedy Algorithms, Knapsack

Greedy Algorithms, Kruskals Minimum Spanning Tree

Greedy Algorithms, Prims Minimum Spanning Tree

Hashing, Chaining

Math, Power_For_Huge_Num, Power_Huge

Math, Prime_Factorization, primefactorization

Math, sieve_of_Eratosthenes

Operations on Datastructures, Array Left Rotation

Operations on Datastructures, Array Right Rotation

Operations on Datastructures, Circular Linked List

Operations on Datastructures, Circular Queue Using Array

Operations on Datastructures, Intersection_of_2_arrays

Operations on Datastructures, Reverse a Linked List using Recusion

Operations on Datastructures, selectionSortLinkedList

Operations on Datastructures, Union_of_2_arrays

Others, Buzz_number

Others, Decimal To Binary

Others, Decimal To Hexadecimal

Others, Decimal to Roman Numeral

Others, fibonacci

Others, GCD_of_n_numbers

Others, Happy_number

Others, Palindromeofnumber

Others, Paranthesis Matching

Others, pascal_triangle

Others, Primality Test

Others, sieve_of_Eratosthenes

Others, smallest-circle

Others, Sparse matrix

Others, spiral_print

Others, Strassen Matrix Multiplication

Others, String Fibonacci

Others, Tower of Hanoi

Others, vector_important_functions

Range queries, bit

Range queries, FenwickTree

Range queries, MO

Range queries, segTree

Search, Binary Search

Search, Interpolation Search

Search, Linear Search

Search, median_search

Search, searching

Search, ternary_search

Sorting, BeadSort

Sorting, BitonicSort

Sorting, Bubble Sort

Sorting, bucketSort

Sorting, CocktailSelectionSort

Sorting, combsort

Sorting, Counting_Sort

Sorting, CountingSortString

Sorting, Heap Sort

Sorting, Insertion Sort

Sorting, Merge Sort

Sorting, NumericStringSort

Sorting, OddEven Sort

Sorting, Quick Sort

Sorting, Radix Sort

Sorting, Selection Sort

Sorting, Shell Sort

Sorting, Slow Sort

Sorting, Tim Sort