Edmonds- Karp Algorithm Algorithm

In computer science, the Edmonds – Karp algorithm is an implementation of the Ford – Fulkerson method for compute the maximal flow in a flow network in O. The algorithm was first published by Yefim Dinitz (whose name is also transliterated" E. A. Dinic", notably as writer of his early documents) in 1970 and independently published by jack Edmonds and Richard Karp in 1972.

Edmonds- Karp Algorithm source code, pseudocode and analysis

The algorithm is identical to the Ford – Fulkerson algorithm, except that the search order when finding the augmenting path is defined. Edges becomes saturated (an edge which has the maximal possible flow), that the distance from the saturated edge to the source along the augmenting path must be longer than last time it was saturated, and that the length is at most