swap Bits Algorithm

For simplicity, main memory is named" RAM" (an acronym of" random-access memory") and secondary storage is named" disk" (a shorthand for" hard disk drive, drum memory or solid-state drive"), but the concepts do not depend on whether these terms use literally to a specific computer system. paging is an important part of virtual memory implementations in modern operating systems, use secondary storage to let programs exceed the size of available physical memory. Subsequent architectures used memory segmentation, and individual plan sections became the units exchanged between disk and RAM.Ferranti introduced paging on the Atlas, but the first mass-market memory pages were concepts in computer architecture, regardless of whether a page moved between RAM and disk. This zone of memory was named a page.

swap Bits source code, pseudocode and analysis

Therefore, flash memory may wear out quickly if used as swap space under tight memory conditions.(see limitations of flash memory), and the smallest amount of data that can be erased at once might be very large (128 KiB for an Intel X25-M SSD), seldom coinciding with pagesize.