1-3-edi5-removeDuplicates Algorithm

as it is typically referred to, is a family of XML based standards sponsored by OASIS and UN / CEFACT whose mission is to supply an open, XML-based infrastructure that enables the global purpose of electronic business information in an interoperable, secure, and consistent manner by all trading partners. electronic Business use eXtensible markup Language, normally known as e-business XML, or ebXML Collaboration protocol agreements, core data components, messaging, registry and repositoriesAll work was completed based on a normative requirements document and the ebXML Technical architecture specification. The original project envisioned five layers of data specification, including XML standards for: ebXML was started in 1999 as a joint initiative between the unite nation center for trade facilitation and electronic Business (UN / CEFACT) and organization for the Advancement of Structured information standard (OASIS).

1-3-edi5-removeDuplicates source code, pseudocode and analysis