Word Ladder Algorithm

word ladder (also known as Doublets, word-links, change-the-word puzzles, paragrams, laddergrams, or word golf) is a word game invented by Lewis Carroll. A word ladder puzzle begins with two words, and to solve the puzzle one must find a chain of other words to link the two, in which two adjacent words (that is, words in successive steps) differ by one letter. J. E. Surrick and L. M. Conant published a book Laddergrams of such puzzles in 1927.Vladimir Nabokovalluded to the game use the name" word golf" in the novel Pale Fire, in which the narrator says' some of my records are: hate — love in three, lass — male in four, and live — dead in five (with" lend" in the middle).'The game was revived in Australia in the 1990s by The Canberra times as" Stepword". Carroll published a series of word ladder puzzles and solutions, which he then named" Doublets", in the magazine Vanity Fair, beginning with the March 29, 1879 topic.

Word Ladder source code, pseudocode and analysis